Nickname Jandy
Sex Male
Blood type A
Marriage married
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  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. (All 5 photos) Today 18:04
    • 20200406昼食2 1301E9A3-348D-4FA1-BF41-40BD21F339F3
    • 20200406昼食1 502F1784-42D1-44D1-B7E1-1ECD98281957
    • 20200406夕食 C582B789-1307-474F-9A39-8AB461583BBE
    • 20200406麦茶 CA5DE3E3-5CE6-4C33-8275-A4381548BE16
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. Today 6:29
    • 20200405おやつ C4CA968F-7278-460C-B63C-9526C9DD7877
    • 20200405おやつ2 CBDBCF23-9EA2-457C-8D85-ADF9C3253605
    • 20200406朝食 A160E2E0-8BC3-4C90-A4EC-AE47F6B306A9
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. Yesterday 17:39
    • 20200405昼食1 F556E5EE-1B49-4FB0-9026-94F98B8A9C49
    • 20200405昼食2 3F287879-9E9D-43FD-8A51-312169058470
    • 20200405夕食 7D6E379C-C92B-4B26-8756-6DB136B65121
  2. Jandy
    registered a photo. Yesterday 6:25
    • 20200405朝食 88229650-CA05-47B7-9D18-088145920093
  1. Jandy
    registered a photo. 4/4(Sat) 17:19
    • 20200404おやつ DFD692FC-997A-4193-8827-5A677D18F9B8
    • 20200404夕食 CACB18EE-0C70-4832-8F5A-864CC3CE9A0A

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